Friday, April 6, 2018

Shoe manufacturers and retailers – Puma

Rudolf Dassler started the company when he and brother, Adi Dassler fell out in 1948. Puma has continued to rival adidas in soccer boot manufacture and supply. The first football boot the Puma Atom series was introduced in 1959.

At the FIFA World Cup England 1966 Puma supplied Puma Kings soccer shoes to Golden Boot winner Eusabio (Portugal).

Two years later they introduced Velcro fasteners.

During the final of the FIFA world Cup Mexico 1970 Pelé stopped the referee with a last-second request to tie his shoelaces before kneeling down to give millions of television viewers a close-up of his Pumas. Many historians believe this action was a deliberate attempt at product endorsement prior to this adidas and Puma agreed not to use the greatest player in the world as a product ambasador. The gloves were off from 1970 onwards.

In 2002 Puma released The Shudo to coincide with the FIFA World Cup Korea 2002 Japan TM.

Like their competitors the Puma range of modern soccer shoes includes moulded uppers, for tight fit to foot, combined with a range of cleat styles and designs for all ground conditions. For the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 Puma has unveiled novel colourful versions of Pumas’s evoPOWER and evoSPEED football boots, with the right boot in pink and the left boot in blue. The Tricks boot will be worn by the likes of Mario Balotelli (Italy ), Cesc Fàbregas (Spain ), Sergio Agüero (Argentina ), Marco Reus (Germany ), Radamel Falcao (Columbia ), Olivier Giroud (France ), Gianluigi Buffon (Italy ), Adam Lallana (England ), and Yaya Touré (Ivory Coast).


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