Friday, June 10, 2016

The Concave soccer boot: Yet another Australian Marvel

Australian, Craig Johnston (Liverpool FC) introduced rubber ribbing across the top of the adidas Predator boot to allow soccer players to curve the ball. Inventor, David Miers elongated the studs on his Blades football boot to improve the grip on the ground. Both innovations now feature with slight brand variation on almost every football boot produced in the world.

The latest addition to this Australian inventive lineage is the Concave boot conceived by Alan Gerrand and designed by Cobalt Niche. The boot has a special plastic concave tongue to increase the power, speed and accuracy of a kick. Sixteen years in the making Alan Gerrand asked his father, a former aeronautical engineer, for advice. Based on an egg and space relationship design consultants Cobalt Niche built a prototype boot and former Socceroo Michael Petersen gave it a road test.

Independent scientific investigations at Deakin University involving kicking analysis tests were undertaken in 2012 and the new boot demonstrated statistically significant increase in ball velocity and in rebound velocity. More design requirements were necessary to appease players hestitant to be seen in boots with an unusual long panel on the boots’ upper. Modification done, the Cobalt Niche 2016 range, has a cut down concave tongue from the full-lace length to just the upper section. The 2016 Concave range has just received an Australian Good Design Award.

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